Relationships: Duck's phase model of dissolution


A Level


5m 50s
In this podcast we’ll be looking at Duck’s phase model of relationship breakdown, which gives insight into the process of relationship breakdown’’


Jean Marc Lawton


Duck’s phase model of dissolution – Task

  • Listen to the podcast on Duck’s phase model of dissolution and answer the following questions

1] What percentage of marriages end in divorce?

2] In 2013 what was the financial cost to the economy of family breakdown?

3] Outline Duck’s three general reasons for relationship failure

4] What other factors does Duck believe are involved in relationship break-ups?

5] Explain why the reasons people give to others about why their relationships fail are more informative than the real reasons

6] Name and outline Duck’s four phases of relationship dissolution

7] Name and outline the fifth phase that Duck & Rollie added to the theory in 2006

8] Explain why the addition of the fifth phase is a good example of how science works

9] What evidence is there for the existence of the intrapsychic phase?

10] What evidence is there for gender differences in reasons for relationship dissolution?

11] Explain why Duck’s theory could be argued to have face validity

12] Explain what negative criticisms can be made of Duck’s theory?

  • You may find that you need to listen to the podcast more than once to achieve this

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