Biological, psychological and interactionist explanations for schizophrenia


A Level


5m 50s
In this podcast we’ll be looking at and considering the merits and flaws of three biological explanations for schizophrenia: the genetic theory, the dopamine hypothesis and neural correlates, and two psychological explanations: the family dysfunction theory and the cognitive theory. We’ll then look at the interactionist explanation of the diathesis-stress


Jean Marc Lawton


Biological, psychological and interactionist explanations - task

  • Listen to the podcast on explanations for schizophrenia and makes notes as you do, that will allow you to construct a mind map that makes reference to:

1] Biological explanations

2] Psychological explanations

3] Interactionist explanations

  • You may find that you need to listen to the podcast more than once to achieve this

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