Causes and Events of the First World War 1890−1918




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The Causes and Events of the First World War is a fascinating period to study, with many complexities leading up to the war and then the actual war itself. This series combines the expertise of James Sladden, a history teacher of many years with Dr William Butler, a specialist in World War 1. The series will give you an in-depth understanding of the subject, additional insights from an academic perspective and help you to prepare for your GCSE examination.

Tutors for this module

Mr James Sladden


History Teacher
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Faversham

Dr William Butler

B.A., M.A., Ph.d

Assistant Lecturer in History and First World War Schools Project Officer
University of Kent

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GCSE Course Overview: Causes and Events of World War 1 1890-1918

Course Overview - Causes and Events of the First World War

The Aspects of International Relations and Causes and Events of the First World War is split into 4 key parts:

  • Part 1 : Long Term Causes : 1890-1913 – the less immediate but still critical reasons

  • Part 2 : The events of 1914 and their consequences

  • Part 3 : The War 1915-1917

  • Part 4: The End of the War : 1917-1918

Each part has relevant podcasts on the topics you need to know and understand about the causes and events of World War 1 to prepare you for your GCSE examination.

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