From Pitt to Peel - Britain 1783-1853


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From surely one of the most extraordinary British politicians in any era, William Pitt the Younger, to the man who introduced the police service, Robert Peel. The French revolution gets the period off to a start with a bang. Subsequently Britain fought a war with France against one of modern history's most notorious characters, Napoleon Bonaparte. The defining victories at the proudly remembered (from a British point of view) Trafalgar and Waterloo, gave the victors a great sense of national pride. And Britain was having it's own revolution, one which would lead to the establishment of the biggest empire the world has ever seen. The industrial revolution made Britain. It brought with it extraordinary opportunity and seismic change. Nick Fellows, Mike Wells and David Craig take you through the action and debate the key issues.

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Nicholas Fellows

B.A., M.A., PGCE

Senior Examiner and renowned textbook author

Dr David Craig

Associate Professor of Modern British History
Durham University

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