Cold War in Europe 1941 - 1995


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The Cold War sent shivers down the spines of ordinary people, with the world holding its breath and confronting the spectre of nuclear armageddon. In our A level OCR series we cover all the main areas of study as follows: The situation in 1941,The impact of WWII, The start of the Cold War 1945-47, Soviet Expansion and reaction of USA to increased tension, Conflicts over Germany and the creation of NATO, The USSR and Eastern Europe in the 1950s and 1960s, Germany after division ,Development of the Cold War, Attempts at peace and a new Cold War, USSR in crisis, Eastern Europe’s role in ending the Cold War, and the end of the Cold War itself. The series is written by Dr Mark Hurst from the University of Kent and Head of Humanities, Richard Macfarlane.

Tutors for this module

Dr Mark Hurst

BA Hons, MA, Ph.D, FRHistS

Lecturer in the history of Human Rights
University of Lancaster

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Our A level series for OCR's Cold War in Europe 1941-1995 is written by Cold War specialist from the University of Kent, Dr Mark Hurst and senior OCR examiner and Head of Humanities, Richard Macfarlane

Recommended Reading List

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