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Never Let Me Go is the haunting story of a group of friends whose purpose in life is far removed from that which any of us might expect. The GCSE podcast series for Ishiguro’s novel will take you on a journey through the book and help you prepare for your exams at the end of the school year. The podcast series examines all the different genres associated with the book, the importance of context, the core themes including art and creativity, ethics of cloning, outsider status and mortality. There are detailed overviews of the characters involved and an analysis of the book itself, chapter by chapter. It is brought to you by experienced head of English and exam board specification writer, Stephen Lucas and Dr Laura Salisbury, Senior Lecturer in English Literature at Exeter University

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Stephen Lucas

BA and PGCE, English

Head of English, OCR resource developer

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What proportion of the exam is awarded to Never Let Me Go

OCR's English Literature GCSE is made up of 2 papers:

  • Exploring Modern and Literary Heritage Texts
  • Exploring Poetry and Shakespeare

Never Let Me Go belongs to the Exploring Modern and Literary Heritage Texts paper. This is worth 50% of your exam.

Exploring Modern and Literary heritage texts is made up of 2 sections:

  • one studied modern prose or drama text, including making connections with a thematically linked unseen modern, same genre extract
  • one studied 19th century prose text.

Never Let Me Go is part of the Modern Prose or Drama Text.

For this component, learners study one modern prose or drama text and one 19th century novel. The focus is on learners engaging with their reading through exploring key themes, ideas and issues, characterisation and settings in order to build confidence in their skills of critical evaluation. Study of the modern set text is enhanced through comparative study with an unseen modern, same genre extract.

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Many thanks to the wonderful Phoebe Katis who provided some of the music for our Never Let Me Go series. You can find out more about Phoebe and listen to her music here

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