Romeo and Juliet - Analysis of Act 3 Scene V - Part 2

English Literature



11m 16s
Juliet says goodbye to Romeo and learns that she must marry Paris. The key questions considered include: How does Shakespeare use foreshadowing in this scene, again? How does Shakespeare win our sympathy for Juliet? Is Paris villainized by these events? What do we learn about the relationship between Juliet and her parents, especially Lady Capulet? Why does the Nurse tell Juliet to marry Paris? We provide a summary of Act 3 Scene V and discuss the juxtaposition of Juliet’s farewell to Romeo and news of her forthcoming marriage to Paris. We analyse the ambiguous language in her conversation with Lady Capulet, look at links to context re: Lord Capulet’s reactions and the structure of scene to create maximum impact. We also examine the development of Juliet’s relationship with the nurse.


Miss Stella Vassiliou

Miss Catherine Hartley

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