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English Language GCSE



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Welcome to our tutorial series for GCSE English Language for the AQA exam board. This series will introduce you to the basics of grammar and punctuation, and help you develop sentence structures, your creative writing skills and the techniques required for your  exams. 

Tutors for this module

Laura Broadbent


Writer for iGCSE English
Cambridge University Press - Freelance

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Scope of Study for AQA English Language GCSE

This GCSE specification in English Language will require students to study the following content:

Critical reading and comprehension

  • critical reading and comprehension
  • summary and synthesis
  • evaluation of a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features
  • Comparison of texts


  • producing clear and coherent text
  • writing for impact

Spoken Language

  • presenting information and ideas
  • responding to spoken language
  • spoken Standard English

Music Credits

With many thanks to our sound editor Joanna Barcik and the following music contributors:

Pod 1: Lee Rosevere - I Believe in You; Milch of source - Last Riddim for Our
Pod 2: Lee Rosevere - Making a Change; Milch of Source Requiem for Cicada
Pod 3 - Jahzzar - Please Listen Carefully
Pod 4 - Jahzzar - Take Me Higher.
Pod 5: Lee Rosevere - Slow Lights
Pod 6: Jahzzar - Step On
Pod 7: Jahzzar - DJ
Pod 8: Jesse Spillane - Super Bubbly
Pod 9: Andy G Cohen - Worky Worky
Pod 10: Jahzzar - Please Listen Carefully; Josh Woodward - Private Hurricane
Pod 11: Jahzzar - Playtime; Jahzzar - So Far So Close
Pod 12: Andy G Cohen - Warmer; Jahzzar - DJ
Pod 13: Andy G Cohen - Worky Worky
Pod 14: Jesse Spillane - Super Bubbly
Pod 15: Jahzzar - Take Me Higher
Pod 16: Josh Woodward - Once Tomorrow Instrumental
Pod 17: Jahzzar - Please Listen Carefully
Pod 18: Jahzzar - X-Carol; Philipp Weigl - Even When We Fall
Pod 19: Jesse Spillane - Sinking Feeling
Pod 20: Jahzzar - Take Me Higher

Audio Tutorials

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