* Make the most of lockdown*

  • It's no fun to have your education disrupted. You may even wonder what it's all for.
  • However, with exams cancelled, this is actually a time to enjoy learning for it's own sake.
  • Help yourself to get ahead by listening ahead of class
  • Listen with your parents or siblings
  • Take notes and build mind maps while listening to a podcast
  • Reinforce your classroom learning by listening to the podcast IMMEDIATELY afterwards. Research has shown that this makes a huge difference in cementing your memories. 

Our mission

To deliver great teaching to everyone

To make learning enjoyable

To support students, teachers and parents in their desire to succeed

How do we do it?

We work with the very best teachers and leading academics to deliver podcasts which are engaging, reinforce classroom learning, and help to improve performance. We are NOT assessment driven. We believe that if we can engage students, give them knowledge and confidence, give teachers the space to do what they do best, that is teach, the results will take care of themselves.

Our 10 minute podcasts are constantly on hand to support the journey from the first introduction of a topic all the way through to the exams. They help students to get ahead and stay ahead. They encourage independent learning by enabling students to learn wherever and whenever it suits them best. Sometimes things don't go quite as smoothly as we would like: a class might have been missed, a particular topic might be a little tricky, it may be some time since a topic was taught in class etc etc. We are there for all these moments and more besides. The teacher in your pocket!

Where have we got to?

We started building the service in 2015 with English and History. Since then we have added Physics, Biology, RE, Psychology and Sociology. We are building content as fast as we can!

We first started delivering our service to students and schools in early 2017.

We are now in over 250 schools and have tens of thousands of listeners. These numbers are growing quickly.

And the results are now coming in thick and fast:

St Aidans, Harrogate: 94% pass rate for English Literature GCSE

Holy Family, Walthamstow: pass rate up from 80% to 90%

Bolton Community College: 2 grade uplift for English Language GCSE

All over our schools teachers are reporting increased engagement and improved performance. 

What people are saying:

  • "Audiopi gets the thumbs up from me! – Ross Morrison McGill, Teacher Toolkit
  • "I’m very impressed by the quality and accessibility, and particularly the way they are focused on questions, concepts and problems, a very effective study tool." Dr David Craig, Durham University
  • "What I like about Audiopi is that it is student-facing: it doesn't just want to help them master the syllabus, it wants to edge them that little bit further." Glyn Redworth, Oxford University
  • “I came top of the class all thanks to Audiopi” – Theo, GCSE student, The Abbey School
  • We have seen a marked improvement in performance and engagement since using Audiopi, Sandra Mallon, department head, Cardinal Newman, Coventry

How to enjoy our service

Family Subscription:

We offer family access to all our podcasts for just £7.50 per month. We say 'family' because it turns out that it's not just students who enjoy listening to us! 

School Subscriptions:

For schools we offer annual subscriptions to individual series which then entitle access to all students, teachers and parents. Please contact us for further information.




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